French Artist Designs Stunning Table With Giant Tree Stump For Leg-1

French artist designs stunning wooden table with giant tree stump for leg

French artist Thomas de Lusssac knows how to appreciate nature, as is evident with his stunningly innovative furniture project titled Racine Carré. Meaning ‘square root’, this spectacular wooden table stands on a halved tree stump on one side and a smaller, polished leg on the other. Raw and roughly polished, the stump radiates strength and…

This Bed-Table-Couch Hybrid Keeps You Warm In The Winter-1

This comfy bed-table-couch hybrid has a space heater tucked inside it!

Winter is just around the corner. With this nifty Japanese invention, however, you won't ever have to fear the cold again! Known as kotatsu, this multi-functional furniture item consists of a blanket wrapped around a low table, with a heat source situated conveniently on the underside. Tucked inside the blanket, the user can keep himself or…

Lee Wen_Circular_Ping_Pong_Table_1

The donut-shaped Ping Pong Table promises ‘last stand’ on part of the experts

A Japanese feat involving 3 Olympic fencers against 50 'noobs' went viral - and quite rightly so! Well, this time around, the same levels of glorious achievement can be showcased by ping-pong experts, courtesy of the donut-shaped Ping Pong Table designed by Singaporean artist Lee Wen. As one can comprehend from the above image, the…

Cantilever Wooden Counter by Atelier JMCA-1

Atelier JMCA designs prism-shaped wooden counter that doubles as a hanging table

When French architectural studio, Atelier JMCA, was given the task of furnishing a small restaurant, in Paris, the firm's design team came up with an incredibly creative solution for its space-related problems. Instead of a bulky table, that takes up most of the available floor space, the innovators, at Atelier JMCA, created an ingenious, prism-shaped bar that doubles…

Glow-In-The_dark Table_1

Instructables team member, Mike Warren, designs stunning, minimalist glow-in-the-dark table

Remember the gloriously tantalizing fluorescent lollipops, by confectioner Verde Matcha, that emanate a bright blue glow when placed under UV light? Well this time around, Instructables team member Mike Warren brings us a stunning glow-in-the-dark table, constructed using pecky cypress boards and photo-luminescent resin. Beautifully minimalist in design, the Glow Table contains a particular chemical that…


Daniel Gestoso’s Bromelia Table harvests energy contained in bacteria and water!

In the past, we have talked about terraformed furniture, with unique green pockets planted with mosses and other smaller plants. But the Bromelia Table, crafted by Spanish designer Dan Gestoso Rivers, is a completely self-sustainable furniture system in itself. Apart from acting as a planter for your home-grown shrubs, this innovative coffee table produces its…


Casulo: A nondescript box that conceals an entirely furnished room inside it!

With the increasingly rapid pace of modern life, the need for compact, lightweight and multi-functional furniture, that are convenient as well as comfortable, is greater than ever before. Keeping that in mind, Germany-based design and furniture brand Casulo has created the "room-in-a-box", an innovative take on conventional furniture products, that actually facilitates the concept of mobile…

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