Maya Royal Tomb Found In Belize Points To Little-Known 'Snake Dynasty'-1

Maya royal tomb discovered in Belize points to little-known ‘snake dynasty’

Archaeologists have recently discovered what seems to be one of the largest royal Maya tombs found so far. Unearthed in Belize, the ancient tomb housed animal bone fragments, several pieces of obsidian as well as a male skeleton. According to the researchers, hieroglyphs along the walls of the royal tomb could help uncover valuable information…

2,500-Year-Old Greek Temple Was Built To Face Full Moon-1

Sicily’s 2,500-year-old Greek Temple was built to face full moon, new study says

A new study, conducted by a team of Kiwi and Italian researchers, reveals the orientation of the ancient Greek monuments at Sicily’s Valley of the Temples. The research invalidates the belief that these temples were originally built to face the sun and shows that, while some of them are indeed aligned with astronomical events like…

Japan's Shinkoji Temple-1

Japan’s Shinkoji Temple exemplifies the juxtaposition of tradition and modernity

Located in Minami-ku, in the Japanese city of Nagoya, the Shinkoji Temple is emblematic of the subtle, yet beguiling, juxtaposition of the old and the new; of tradition and modernity. Constructed by Mamiya Shinichi Design Studio, the temple upholds the intricacies of Buddhist architecture, while at the same time embracing contemporary building techniques. Furthermore, the…

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