The aptly named Bolt Tent protects campers against lightning strikes

The possibility of a lightning strike is always rare. But when it does strike people the victims (over thousands per year) are found to be mostly (96 percent) in open-air grounds. Unfortunately for campers, most camping fields are also preferred along open-air grounds, while the lighting storms starting from late spring are unpredictable to say…


Tentsile Flite: The lightweight ‘treehouse’ that can be carried in your backpack

Previously, we have harped about the Tentsile Vista, an incredible above-the-ground tent with 'multi-storeyed' credentials. This time around, the resourceful designers are back with another outdoor conception in the form of Tentsile Flite. Bridging the gap between a hammock and a conventional tent, the Flite is envisioned as a lightweight counterpart to earlier Tentsile products.…


The Vista Tree Tent, by Tentsile, is a highly flexible and portable multi-story treehouse-cum-tent

The story behind UK-based firm, Tentsile, goes back to 2010 when architect Alex Shirley-Smith created the first portable treehouse-cum-tent  with the same name. Over the years, the company has specialized in designing some of the world's most versatile above-the-ground tents. Their latest brainchild is Vista, a highly flexible and portable treehouse, featuring a removable roof…

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