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Washington's Hobbit Hole Boasts Innovative Off-Grid design-2

Washington’s enchanting Hobbit Hole boasts a sustainable, off-grid design

Here at HEXAPOLIS, we have come across some enchanting hobbit homes that are the perfect destination for Tolkien fans. Adding to the list is the spectacular Washington Hobbit Hole, designed by tiny house builder Kristie Wolfe. Located in the state of Washington, this idyllic off-grid dwelling looks straight out of Middle-earth. (more…)

Tokyo's Skinny Homes-2

Meet Tomoya and Naomi Sato, the owners of one of Tokyo’s skinniest homes!

With increasing land shortage in the capital city of Japan, people are opting for uniquely designed skinny homes that are only about a few feet wide. Instead of a palatial residence in the suburbs, working couples and parents are choosing tiny houses right in the middle of the already-crowded city. For instance when Tomoya and…

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