Do trees rely on fungi-based internet to talk to each other?

Do you think trees talk to each other like us? In The Hidden Life of Trees: What They Feel, How They Communicate - —Discoveries from a Secret World, author Peter Wohlleben claims that plants do indeed communicate with each other. According to scientists, however, the answer is slightly different: while trees and plants are known…

New Technology Could Harvest Wind Energy From Movements Of Trees-1New Technology Could Harvest Wind Energy From Movements Of Trees-1

Scientists develop new technology that could harvest wind energy from movements of trees

Remember ‘Wind Tree’, a miniature tree-shaped wind turbine designed by French company New Wind? A recent study, by scientists at Ohio State University’s Laboratory of Sound and Vibration Research, is somewhat along the same line, focusing on the development of a new technology that could convert tree movements into clean, usable energy. Based on piezoelectricity, the…


The Vista Tree Tent, by Tentsile, is a highly flexible and portable multi-story treehouse-cum-tent

The story behind UK-based firm, Tentsile, goes back to 2010 when architect Alex Shirley-Smith created the first portable treehouse-cum-tent  with the same name. Over the years, the company has specialized in designing some of the world's most versatile above-the-ground tents. Their latest brainchild is Vista, a highly flexible and portable treehouse, featuring a removable roof…

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