The mysterious case of the “3000-year old castle” beneath Lake Van

The romanticism associated with sunken cities and palaces hold true across numerous fables and folklore from around the world. Well, this time around, some researchers were greeted with the 'real stuff' in the form of an allegedly 3000-year old castle beneath Lake Van - the second largest lake in the Middle East, located just within…


Archaeologists come across a ‘jovial’ skeleton mosaic in Turkey

People did have sense of humor (with a dash of hedonism) in the 3rd century BC, or around 2,300 years ago. At least that is what is evident from an incredible ancient mosaic recently discovered in Hatay, a Turkish province that just borders Syria from the north. Th artwork in question features a seemingly 'cheerful'…


Researchers excavate the oldest stone tool found in Turkey – the gateway to Europe

Researchers have stumbled across the oldest stone tool ever found in Turkey, and this small piece of extant evidence provides some insightful data relating to human migrations. According to the experts from Royal Holloway (who collaborated with an international team), the excavated quartzite piece was found along the deposits of the Gediz river, in western…

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