University of California


New type of Lithium-ion battery system successfully created from mushrooms

Previously, we have talked about how titanium dioxide gel can potentially be a good substitute to conventional graphite as anodes inside the Lithium ion battery. Well this time around, a research team at the University of California, Riverside, has opted for something more 'natural' in the form of cheap portabella mushrooms that could take over…


Scientists successfully able to remotely control a ‘cyborg’ beetle in its flight

Studying the flights of insects is indeed tough, given the limitations of scientific procedures that can analyse such patterns within a natural environment. However, a collaborative effort from the researchers at University of California, Berkeley and Nanyang Technological University (NTU), Singapore, has resulted in something better. The scientists have successfully been able to strap an electronic…


UCSD’s newly designed composite nanomaterial can capture solar energy with 90 percent efficiency

Previously we had talked about a nanoparticle composite made from gold, that could potentially help in detecting breast cancer. Well, this time around, a group of San Diego-based scientists from University of California (UCSD), have successfully concocted a special composite nanomaterial that has the wondrous ability to convert almost a whopping 90 percent of sunlight…

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