University of Texas


Scientists create self-healing electrical circuit made of a conductive hybrid gel

Back in February, we talked about how Switzerland's EPFL scientists contrived reconfigurable and self-repairing electronic circuits. Well, this time around, a team of researchers (headed by by Guihua Yu, an assistant professor) at the University of Texas, have created their version of a self-healing electrical circuit. Demonstrating its intrinsic flexibility, the circuit can not only…

Silicene Transistor-1

Scientists develop the world’s thinnest transistor using silicene, a close kin of graphene

While the entire world is extolling graphene as a wonder material, scientists, working at the University of Texas at Austin, have developed the world's first silicene-based transistor. Identified through computer models, almost a decade before graphene was first isolated, silicene is a one-atom-thick allotrope of silicon. Despite its impressive electrical properties, silicene is widely believed to be…

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