US Navy

Synthetic Hagfish Slime Could Help The US Navy Stop Enemy Missiles And Shark Attacks-4

Synthetic hagfish slime could help the US Navy stop enemy missiles and shark attacks

Scientists have once again turned to nature for inspiration; this time to create a synthetic version of hagfish slime as a way of stopping shark attacks as well as missiles. Currently being developed for the US Navy, this amazing substance is incredibly tough and expandable, just like its natural counterpart. Speaking about the project, Ryan…

BAE Railgun_3

BAE plans to develop advanced railguns for the tanks of the future

Earlier this month, we talked about how BAE Systems are utilizing VR tech to build advanced warships for the Royal Navy. As it turns out, the firm is also looking forth to develop and improve electromagnetic railgun technology for the US military. As a matter of fact, there are two folds to this development scope,…

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