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Ibuku-founder Elora Hardy builds sustainable bamboo houses in Bali-1

Ibuku-founder Elora Hardy uses bamboo to build sustainable, low-impact homes in Bali

A growing trend, in architecture, is the use of alternative building materials that are less damaging to the environment. Considered to be one of the fastest-growing woody plants around, bamboo provides a sustainable and low-impact solution to building homes, especially in Asia, Latin America and Africa. Leaving behind the glamorous world of fashion, Ibuku-founder Elora…

The magnificent China pavilion for Milan Expo 2015 harks back to traditional systems

We have been witness to futuristic pavilions before, but the above pictured proposal from China's Tsinghua University (in collaboration with New York-based Studio Link-Arc) takes the cake when it comes to rustic-inspired designs. Wait, did we say rustic? Well, the so-named 'The Land of Hope' symbolizes the fields of wheat with its evocative 'landscape' accentuated…

Boulder House: A ‘camouflaged’ organic habitat in the Sonoran Desert

Viewing the Boulder House from a particular elevation suggests some deft use of camouflage. That is because the 4,380 sq ft residence in its 9-acre property in the Sonoran Desert flaunts actual boulders as the crucial building material - thus alluding to a symbiotic scope that blends seamlessly with the rocky site. Designed and built…

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