Designers At Bel & Bel Upcycle Vintage Vespas Into Trendy Chairs-1

Designers at Bel & Bel upcycle vintage Vespas into trendy office chairs

Bored of the furniture currently crowding your office? With the new Scooter Chair, you can now transform your work space into a trendy office of the future. Designed by the team at Spanish studio Bel & Bel, as part of a limited edition series, this brilliantly unconventional swivel chair uses the original parts of the Vespa motorbike.…

Vespa 150 TAP_2

Vespa 150 TAP: Yes, Vespa had its boisterous days too!

The very word 'Vespa' generates gleeful reveries of an adorable scooter scooting through those sun-kissed boulevards, while you and your lady-friend are wearing casuals with a bohemian flair. However, the above pictured Vespa 150 TAP (or Troupes Aéro Portées) certainly derails your peaceful thought train, with its bad-ass bearing that boasts of a three-inch recoil-less rifle,…

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