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Amazing video showcases the evolution of video games from 1962 – 2017

Ranging from the iconic Space Invaders, retro Pacman to the insightful Half-life and expansive GTA V, the incredible video compiled by YouTuber Data Radar covers a wide spectrum of critically lauded games over a period of 55 years. And of course, as can be the genuine case, there are instances where one would feel that…


Man breaks record by creating the world’s largest arcade machine

What is 4.41 m (14.46 ft) tall and 1.06 m (3.47 ft) deep, and could fit the equivalent of 112 bath tubs of water? Well, the simple answer is - the world's largest arcade machine that has already etched its name in the Guinness World Records. Proudly created by Jason Camberis, a 44-year old Network Engineer…

Star Force_Pi_STORMTROOPER_Console_Prototype_1

Star Force Pi: STORMTROOPER brings the retro back in gaming

Back in October of last year, we talked about how Bandai Namco was all set to bring on the arcade gaming experience with the big Star Wars: Battle Pod system. Well, this time around, retro gaming is once again done right, albeit in a more manageable scale. To that end, VoxMachina has designed a nifty…

Mario in Unreal Engine-1

YouTuber Aryok Pineral uploads video of Mario in Unreal Engine 4!

Recently, we talked about a valiant attempt, made by YouTuber LowSpecGamer, to run Witcher 3 on a super-low spec system. And unsurprisingly, the RPG, which is lauded for its good graphics, looked more like a PS2 game, when played via the unenviable configuration. However, this time around, a fellow YouTube user, Aryok Pineral, has uploaded…

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