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Ford Scientists Use Video Games To Teach Autonomous Cars How To Drive-1

Ford scientists use video games to teach autonomous cars how to drive

At California-based Ford Research and Innovation Center, scientists are turning to video games to improve the company’s autonomous vehicle software. In the Palo Alto center, you will find researchers intently studying a large TV screen, showcasing a robotic humanoid racing a a four-wheel car. Running much faster than a real human, the humanoid-like figure abruptly…


Guy mods Hulkbuster into GTA V’s megacity of Los Santos

In case you missed, back in July, the resourceful JulioNIB had created a wonderful Iron Man mod for the GTA V that changes the HUD of the game, along with the inclusion of the armor and arsenal of the flying superhero. And, now he has followed it with some pomp and boisterousness - as is…


The ‘real’ GTA short film you may have missed out on

Real world recreation of GTA might not seem to be such a big deal, especially considering the seemingly 'realistic' portrayal already demonstrated by the game world itself (as touted by horde of gamers from around the world). However, Youtube channel CorridorDigital's recreation of GTA V takes it to a whole new level - by aptly…

Mad Catz_LYNX 9_Game Controller_CES 2015_6

LYNX 9: An alien-esque mobile game controller from Mad Catz

Is it a tripod? Is it a cybernetic alien? No, it is 'supposedly' a gaming controller from the mad team at Mad Catz. Flaunting its Bluetooth connectivity, the LYNX 9 is primarily envisioned for mobile platforms like smartphones and tablets. But beyond what seems like a gimmicky shape, is a modular built that is tailored…


Top 10 video games with the most extravagant budgets

Gaming is serious business, and by serious we mean $65 billion serious. This astronomical figure will be further inflated if we added the estimated $6 billion PC gaming market from emerging economies such as China. In consideration of the colossal sums at play here - it begs to be questioned, have video game budgets finally…

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