Mind-scrambling animation reveals just how big a black hole really is

Black holes are enormous, physics-defying regions in the universe that continue to mystify laymen and scientists alike. Ever since the birth of Einstein's theory of general relativity, researchers have mulled over the existence of these mysterious, invisible structures. Despite the voluminous body of research on the subject, it is still quite difficult to define what…

World War II-1

Video of five of the most bizarre photos of World War II

An event that changed the entire face of world history and politics; brought several nations to the brink of economic collapse and took the lives of more than 50 million people, that is the Second World War. While a lot has been said, and studied, through the years since 1945, there are still countless other…

Mario in Unreal Engine-1

YouTuber Aryok Pineral uploads video of Mario in Unreal Engine 4!

Recently, we talked about a valiant attempt, made by YouTuber LowSpecGamer, to run Witcher 3 on a super-low spec system. And unsurprisingly, the RPG, which is lauded for its good graphics, looked more like a PS2 game, when played via the unenviable configuration. However, this time around, a fellow YouTube user, Aryok Pineral, has uploaded…

Witcher 3 On Low Specs-1

YouTuber shows tweaks to make Witcher 3 playable on super-low spec systems

Most among us will agree that Witcher 3 is an extremely demanding video game. Known for its breathtaking graphics, vast open world design and compelling story-line, Witcher 3 is unquestionably one of the greatest RPGs ever made. Sadly, it has remained beyond the reach of those with low-spec computers. Not anymore, though. In a recently-uploaded video, a…

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