FPT University to Get Tree-Filled Campus In Ho Chi Minh City-3

Vietnam-based firm, Vo Trong Nghia, re-imagines the university campus as a lush tree-filled oasis

As part of its latest project, Vietnam-based architectural firm, Vo Trong Nghia Architects, has re-imagined the university campus as a living, breathing space, featuring lush tree-lined rooftops, balconies and a stunning plant-covered courtyard. The plan envisions a verdant campus building for the privately-owned FPT University, right in the heart of Ho Chi Minh City. It…

Adam Tran’s origami counterpart to realistic dinosaur specimens, entices us

When translated from Japanese, ori means 'folding', and kami means 'paper'. And Adam Tran's origami transforms this art of folding paper to a realistic level rarely encountered before in the scope. The end results pertain to a wide variety of wild life, with some being exotic like dinosaurs, and some related to more mundane stuff…

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