Virtual Reality

Volvo Envisions Car Showroom Based On Augmented Reality-1

Volvo envisions futuristic car showroom based on augmented reality

Headquartered in Gothenburg, Sweden, automobile manufacturer Volvo is known for its preoccupation with safety and reliability. With the goal of making modern cars safer, it has, in recent years, developed advanced laser sensors that can accurately detect the movements of surrounding vehicles. To entice prospective buyers, the company has come up with an innovative way…


Virtual Reality can help in more precise evaluation of sex offenders

It is pretty common knowledge that sex offenders have to go through intense sessions of psychotherapy before they are released into the conventional scope of a society. However, what is not common knowledge pertains to a particular technique (for male sex offenders) called penile plethysmography. This entails the positioning of a ring-like sensor mechanism around…

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