World War II-1

Video of five of the most bizarre photos of World War II

An event that changed the entire face of world history and politics; brought several nations to the brink of economic collapse and took the lives of more than 50 million people, that is the Second World War. While a lot has been said, and studied, through the years since 1945, there are still countless other…


5 of the bloodiest ancient battles that made their mark in history

Previously, we had harped about 10 incredible battles that were fought and won against overwhelming odds. But as history is witness to past events of significance - battles and wars are not only about glorious victories; some of them also poignantly account for their fair share of high human casualties. So, without further ado, let us…


10 of the remarkable battles from history won against overwhelming odds

Mankind's history is replete with conflicts and wars, so much so that a few cultures had adapted themselves to the 'daily' travails of warfare. However, there are also rare cases when military victories were achieved against overwhelming odds without the implication of grand strategies or stately drills. In essence, many of such singular battles were…


Historians ‘probably’ figure out the astronomical cost of First World War

The last time we talked about historical wealth, we mentioned how it was difficult to gauge the precise scope of monetary value, given the expansive periods that constitute history itself. The occasion of First World War with its 4-year 'lifetime' doesn't pose such time gap-oriented predicaments. However, historians were faced with a myriad of other problems…

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