10,000-Year-Old Massacre Offers Earliest Evidence Of Organized Warfare-1

10,000-year-old massacre in present-day Kenya could enhance our understanding of the origins of warfare

Archaeologists working in Nataruk, Kenya, have come across 10,000-year-old human skeletal remains, with distinct signs of weapon-inflicted trauma, which could help improve our understanding of the origins of warfare. Possibly resulting from a violent clash between two or more groups of ancient foragers, the massacre points to the “presence of warfare” in late Stone age/early…

BAE Systems' Combined Night Vision and Thermal Imaging Goggles-1

BAE Systems designs integrated night vision and thermal imaging goggles, for greater battlefield accuracy

Accuracy on the battlefield depends greatly on the soldier’s ability to swiftly locate and identify the targets. However, this becomes especially difficult during nighttime missions and, in case of low visibility due to unfavorable weather or smoke. In an attempt to enhance the precision of dismounted soldiers, BAE Systems is currently developing a combined night vision and…

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