water crisis

Desalinating gaphene sieves could be the answer to world's fresh water crisis-1

Newly-developed desalinating graphene sieves could be the answer to world’s freshwater crisis

With the world’s freshwater reserve dwindling rapidly, scientists are increasingly looking for energy- as well as cost-efficient ways to desalinate seawater. Now a team of 13 researchers from UK's University of Manchester has uncovered a new and innovative technique to remove salts from ocean water using the versatile one-atom-thick allotrope of carbon known as graphene.…

Hippo Rollers Make Clean Water More Accessible In Rural Africa-5

Hippo Water Rollers make clean water more accessible to people in rural Africa

Water scarcity is a very real problem for people residing in rural parts of Africa and elsewhere. Even today, millions live without proper access to clean water, having to walk several miles each day to collect safe, drinking water. Originally developed back in 1991, the Hippo Water Roller makes the task of carrying large amounts…

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