4 advanced hydroponic solutions you should know about

The core technology of modern-day hydroponics relates to the nourishment of plants without the requirement of soil. In essence, it refers to a space-saving solution that makes use of mineral nutrient solutions in water, as opposed to 'wasteful' land and farms. And while this technological ambit may seem to be out of the bounds of…


Spatially effective ‘shipping container’ TerraFarms grow 3 acres of food with half the required water

In a conventional circumstance, an old warehouse shipping container can't be pushed forth as the ideal candidate for efficient farming. But Local Roots challenges this notion with aplomb, via their hydroponic farming solutions christened as the TerraFarm. The incredible design in question here pertains to 40-ft long shipping containers that only require five to twenty…


New research reveals hitherto-unknown state of liquid water

You'd think that we already know everything there is to know about water, a compound that makes up nearly 60-percent of our body. Turns out there's more to it than meets the eye. As part of a new study, for instance, scientists have discovered a second, hitherto-unknown state of liquid water, achieved when heated to…

Europa's Icy Exterior Might Be What Keeps Its Ocean From Freezing-2

Europa’s icy exterior might be what keeps its subsurface ocean from freezing

Although situated far away from the sun, Jupiter's moon Europa is a treasure trove of unique physical characteristics, including an abundance oxygen and subsurface running water, which together make it one of the most likely places for extraterrestrial life. According to a new research, the ocean remains liquid, despite very low surface temperature, thanks to…

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