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Nifty Earpiece Can Translate Virtually Any language In Real-Time-1

Pilot: Nifty earpiece that can translate virtually any language in real-time

If you have ever grappled with a foreign tongue while traveling, there's a nifty new wearable technology that promises real-time translation of virtually any language. Known as the Pilot, this innovative earpiece could allow speakers of different languages to converse with one another, without having to explain through gestures. Designed by New York-based Waverly Labs,…

FlexEnable’s innovative wraparound LCD bracelet heralds new age of flexible wearables

One of the design submissions that has garnered a lot of attention at the ongoing Mobile World Congress, in Barcelona, Spain, is an incredibly innovative flexible OLCD screen that wraps right around the user’s wrist. Developed by the engineers at UK-based company FlexEnable, the prototype technology could pave the way more advanced flexible wearables, including wraparound…

New wireless communication technology uses the human body to transmit data between devices-1

New wireless communication technology uses the human body to transmit data between devices

Today, Bluetooth is everywhere, from mobile phones, computers, speakers, lamps to wearable gadgets, like smart watches, earphones and fitness bands. Scientists, at the University of California, San Diego, have developed an entirely new wireless communication technology that, given its many advantages, seems to be a better and more sophisticated alternative to Bluetooth. The prototype, designed by…

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