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South Australia Just Produced 83% Of Electricity From Wind Energy-3

South Australia just produced 83-percent of its electricity from wind energy

Thanks to a particularly windy weekend, South Australia recently saw nearly 83-percent of its total electricity coming solely from eco-friendly wind energy. Although the harsh weather conditions led to power outages in some of the places, its advantages far outweigh the temporary inconvenience. According to officials, wind turbines installed in the area captured much of…

Danish Company Builds Innovative Wind Turbine With 12 Blades-3

Danish company Vestas builds innovative wind turbine with 12 blades

The demand for eco-friendly wind power has increased drastically in recent years, with countries around the world looking for new ways of improving this technology while also reducing costs. At present, transporting wind turbines is quite an expensive affair, which eventually adds to the costs of wind energy. In an attempt to lower such expenses, Denmark-based…

New Technology Could Harvest Wind Energy From Movements Of Trees-1New Technology Could Harvest Wind Energy From Movements Of Trees-1

Scientists develop new technology that could harvest wind energy from movements of trees

Remember ‘Wind Tree’, a miniature tree-shaped wind turbine designed by French company New Wind? A recent study, by scientists at Ohio State University’s Laboratory of Sound and Vibration Research, is somewhat along the same line, focusing on the development of a new technology that could convert tree movements into clean, usable energy. Based on piezoelectricity, the…

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