Artist Fashions Gramophone-Shaped Speaker From Old Liquor Barrel-3

Artist fashions gramophone-shaped speaker out of discarded liquor barrel

Here at HEXAPOLIS, it has never failed to amaze us how artists and designers can transform things that are discarded, lackluster and worn out into brilliantly mesmerizing creations. For his latest project, Jordan Waraksa of Fiddle + Hammer upcycled an old liquor barrel into a stunning antique-looking speaker. Dubbed as Bellaphone, the speaker's body is…

This stunning plywood sculpture mimics the movements of six dancers!-3

FLOW: A stunning plywood desk that mimics the movements of six dancers!

Don’t we often marvel at the graceful fluidity and flexibility of a dancer? Manchester-born Liam Hopkins has gone a step further in his appreciation of the art form and the artists. Using his skill as a designer, Hopkins has successfully reproduced the infinitely-intricate movements and postures of dancers with the help of 300 pieces of…

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